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Fun Fishing Game Toys Floating In The Water - Fishing Game Set

There is more than one version of blobfish plush toys. The plush toy pictured up top is listed on but it is currently unavailable. The blobfish pictured below from Hamee is listed on Amazon. This one has more fins.

18 months +
This bestselling Tolo magnetic fishing play set features 3 colorful floating fish toys, a fishing rod, and a magnetic worm to attract the fish.

Cute Floating Fish Toy - Fishing Toys Game

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    Few trilogies have matched the quality storytelling and world-building of the Mass Effect series, and the popular characters from the games were a natural fit for figures aimed at collectors. The original Mass Effect trilogy ended in 2012 with the release of Mass Effect 3, and although not without controversy, the game was still highly successful and well received. Big Fish Toys released a line of figures for the game that same year, offering detailed 6-7 inch sculpts of Normandy crew members like Commander Shepard, Garrus, Tali and Miranda. This line sacrificed articulation for detail, but they look great on display. These figures are tough to come by now, but any fan should keep an eye out for them.