Fisher Price School Days Desk.

Fisher Price School Days Play Desk


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1972 Fisher Price Toys School Days Desk. Hard plastic frame with handle and built in chalkboard. It comes with magnetic letters and numbers including the alphabet tray. Letter F is not shown in photo, found later. Number 0 are missing. Built in tray and card compartments. Includes 14 original cards. Two sliding doors on top with a small compartment inside.

This vintage Fisher Price School Days Desk is a chalkboard that is also magnetic and sliding doors on the top that house rainbow colored alphabet magnets. There is also a tray that slides out underneath with a complete set of letters.

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  • Vintage 1972 fisher price school days desk

    This original 1972 Fisher Price School Days Desk includes ABC tray, all magnetic ABC’s plus some extras to make more words, it includes magnetic numbers 1-9, and 13 stencil cards.

    Today’s learning toys have nothing on the old school versions. This classic is proof and it doesn’t need to sing a song to prove it. Fisher Price School Days Desk is transportable and fun. It has chalkboard space on the front and plenty of storage space beneath. Snap open the lid to discover stencils, chalk, and an eraser that will encourage reading and writing, and spelling practice.