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We have the fisher price baby bouncer and it totally occupied our little princess! She had some issues with relfex and the fisher price bouncer kept her occupied. Another great feature is the vibrating feature as that was a huge help when my little princess was going through one of her reflux issues. It would calm her down and sometimes put her to sleep which was a huge releif for me! The toys are cute and also kept her occupied while I made dinner. She figured out if she kicked the bottom, the music would play and then she was in charge! Cleaning the bouncer is so easy. The cover comes right off with no effort and is completely machine washable! It also dries super fast so it takes no time to clean it so you can put your little one back in without missing a beat of fun! It is also compact and small so it can go anywhere without getting int he way. They have many colors and themes. I highly recommend it!

Fisher Price Baby's Bouncer, Geo Meadow: Fisher Price bouncer has a bouncy seat with calming vibrations to help soothe or entertain using the removable toy bar with spinning monkey, rollerball,...

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    I was very excited to get my daughter a Fisher Pricer bouncer but to my surprise she did not enjoy it as much as her carseat. We still used it and it did comfort her some of the time, but overall I did not get my money's worth with this purchase. One other negative I experienced with the toy was that it made a weird whirring noise when the aquarium toy was attached so I used it mainly without the toys attached. I liked the Fisher Price aquarium theme--super cute and gender neutral. I also liked that their was the option to use the bouncer with or without the toys. I liked that the fabric could be removed and run through the washing machine and I liked that the bottom of the bouncer flips up for easier storage. Honestly I think my baby just didn't like being "bounced" but to a mommy of a baby that did like that movement, this bouncer would probably be invaluable. I'd recommend to friends and family with the caution that their baby may just not be a bouncer loving baby.

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    Get busy relaxing (and playing) with Baby’s Bouncer! The seat gently bounces in response to baby’s natural motions. A press of a button adds optional calming vibrations, too. When it’s time to play, three animal friends on the toy bar encourage baby to reach and grasp (exercising developing motor skills), bat (encouraging development of eye-hand coordination), and play (which is just plain fun)!