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What are your favorite Baby’s First Birthday gift ideas? Do you think you will attend the Baby’s First Birthday Event at your local Babies “R” Us?

Gifting to a baby is always a joy. If you have been invited for boy or girl baby’s first birthday, unless otherwise you have an experience in such stuffs, choosing the right gift will turn into a difficult one. How would you know what that kid will love to have on its big day? Obviously you can’t ask the little one. But to take the burden off your shoulders here I have come up with the bunch of first birthday gift ideas.

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I remember my daughter’s first birthday. It was a big deal! She had us by the heartstrings (and she still does) and we wanted to have a party to help us celebrate a big year in all of our lives. We invited some of her play date babies and our friends. We decided on a strawberry shortcake type of cake with vanilla layers and fresh strawberry slices and whip cream. I think she was a little wowed by the whole event, her first cake, her first birthday song, and her first birthday presents. My suggestion for baby’s first birthday gift ideas is lots of clothing and spread out in sizes 12-24 months because it is so practical. Then a few toy types of items and some baby gear to round out Baby’s First Birthday gifts.

In the spirit of sharing what has worked for us, I looked around my own home and rounded up a list of great first birthday gift ideas. We own each of the products listed below, and none of this is sponsored (which means I don’t get anything for recommending this stuff).