Serious lagging problems on FIFA 15 on ps4, sort it out !!

FIFA 15 - PlayStation 4


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As we told you earlier on, EA has released the FIFA 15 demo and it’s available to download now. Unfortunately though, those looking for the FIFA 15 PS4 and PS3 demo release time will have to wait another day.

There’s way too many tweets to feature on this page, but we included a few from the last hour talking about FIFA 15 on PS4 and really bad lag. It’s unclear exactly what the problem is, but there’s a few fixes being offered that include going offline and this won’t be ideal for those wanting to play online.

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    Are you upset about this as a PS4 or PS3 owner, considering it is such a big game launch and should be released on multi-platform universally? Let us know how you are feeling right now, knowing that you will have to wait another day for the FIFA 15 PS4, PS3 demo release.