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The philosophy of Redding Extreme basketball is to organize, administer and maintain a highly competitive basketball program. We strive to provide our participants with educational instruction in individual and team basketball skills, and to create an environment that encourages fun in the game, the spirit of sportsmanship, as well as commitment to self discipline and teamwork.

Redding Extreme Basketball will do all it can to facilitate a working relationship with it’s players and parents to make the experience competitive, fun and enjoyable.

coach of player development at Extreme Basketball.

Jumpshot is an extreme trampoline basketball game that allows you to soar above the rim like the pros. The robust unit features two game compartments that share a common trampoline surface, allowing for more challenge when timing your shots at the hoop against an opponent. Two reinforced nets separate the players, preventing personal contact and equalizing skill levels for competition. Basketball hoops are mounted on the rear wall of each compartment, creating a compact court encounter. Both stationary and portable 2-player game units are available.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Turtles Extreme Basketball Game allows you to play hoops with your favorite Turtles. Play alone or play with a friend. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Extreme Basketball Game is the perfect size for any room. Score!

To make players able to fully show their personalities, Extreme Basketball provides a powerful character creation system. Specifically, the initial 3 classes can grow to many more by means of the basketball star cards. Different star cards will endow players with different capabilities and skills. The player collects the star cards standing for different capabilities, and strives to become a brilliant basketball star with a unique playing style. Excellent players in each season will be selected and rewarded in accordance with their respective data.