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Estes Tandem-X Flying Model Rocket Launch Set


Estes Rockets at wholesale prices from AC Supply

Normally step 1 of my Eliminator model rocket's assembly instructions would have meassembling the stock Estes engine mount. But since my rocket engine tubes are slightly largerthan the OD of the stock Estes rocket engine tubes, I will have to modify the Estes enginemount. The stock Estes model rocket engine assembly and parts are shown in the photobelow.

Notice that there are basically two mounting tubes, the long white tube, and the short greentube. The E size Estes rocket motor shown is inserted into the white tube until it is heldin by the metal clip. As you can see, normally the white tube fits inside of the greentube, and the whole assembly fits into the tail of the plastic model rocketbody.

Estes Rockets, Penrose, Colorado

Canadian retailer of Estes Model Rocket Sets and Kits

But, alas, the Estes model rocket engine tubes were not the 1-inch outside diameter specifiedat the website listed above. They are actually only about 15/16-inch OD. This is going torequire me to make a modified motor mounting system in order to use my slightly larger,1-inch OD tubes and motors.

I'm now confident that with a bit of creativity, any type of stock Estes rocket engine mountcan be modified and adapted to accommodate a homemade motor.