eos lotion, shave cream, and lip balm.

EOS Hand Lotion Variety Pack, Cucumber/Berry/Fresh Flowers, 6 Count


eos Body Lotion - Berry Blossom 6.8oz : Target

Do you realize that Easter is almost 10 days away?! AH! Today I’m teaming up with my friend Carli at to give you a funny little Easter Printable using . EOS Lip Balm is super popular these days, as we all know, and if you haven’t tried their lotion yet…it’s pretty fantastic smelling!! So we thought it would be cute to use an Easter Bunny EOS Lotion Printable for a gift idea on Easter for your friends, family members, or kids!

She has a couple different options for you to download (, , and ) and all you need to pick up is a pink EOS hand lotion for $1.50 at your local drugstore, grocery store, Target, Walmart, etc. and use some tape to stick it on the print…and voila! It’s an easy Easter gift idea that took a matter of minutes and less than $2 to make!!

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    As much as I love everything else, from the adorable packaging to the fun scents, it’s the absolute non-greasy nature and great moisture that makes the eos Hand Lotion a definitely favourite of mine. I work on my computer all day, and the last thing I want is to go back to typing with greasy or dry hands. I just hope that eos releases a larger format one day because this size is perfect for my purse but I honestly want a giant container to keep on my desk at work forever.

    Leave your hands feeling touchably soft for hours with this floral scented, fast absorbing hand lotion. Eos hand lotion is packed with nourishing Shea butter, aloe, oats and antioxidants to keep your hands beautiful, soft and smooth.