The Jagdpanzer E 100 is a tier 10 .

Evinrude 764357 E-TEC XD 100 Synthetic Formula 2-Cycle Oil, 1-Gallon

Too low to display

Yay! You're now following e100 van in your .

Other than the aim, the 150 isnt the issue. If you are close it hits like a freight train. Problem is it doesnt pen at distance anymore and the tank is a sponge. E100 with the little gun... well, whats the point?

For sure - but seriously and regardless, the unadvertised nerfs in tanks are getting ridiculous. I have 792 battles in the E100 and its gotten to the point where I may as well sell it. I understand the need for ongoing balance etc, and the E was pretty OP when it first came out, but seriously.....

The coolest of all "Alligator Universalabwehrkampfwagen E100UA":

As you can see the "E100UA" can be used as an Artillery !

Why to put it as standart turret? Its high likely, that if the hull of the E100 would have ever seen a turret, it would have been this one. On the other hand, it would have never gone in mass production, because this design of turret has already shown its mistakes in 43/44.

Imo, both, krupp and esp. the maus turret wouldt have been fittet on the series produced E100. Both designs, were quite old (esp. maus, which proofed to be a bad design seen at the KT) and also the Krupp turret makes no sense in the same way on such a massivly armoured tank.