Duncan Toys Yo-Yo Reflex Auto Return DTC3513AR

Duncan Imperial Yo Yo , Assorted colors, Pack of 1


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Duncan Toys has given us a first look at the Echo 2, which looks to be a MUCH improved version of the Echo. The Echo 2 comes with a new shape and weight distribution, and could be a huge turning point for Duncan’s mid-range metal yoyos…if the quality is up to par with the , then Duncan Toys fans have a lot to look forward to with this release.

Duncan Toys adds new spin to their juggling line by introducing the Phoenix™ Diabolo. Duncan's Phoenix is superbly balanced and well weighted for long lasting momentum, making it perfect for beginners and performers alike. Featuring customizable shell colors and an integrated axle that converts from a fixed position to a one way bearing for easy learning and long lasting spin. Best of all, customization is tools-free with Duncan's built in hand knobs making axle and shell changes quick and easy for every player.

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    Founded by Donald F. Duncan, Duncan Toys has sold billions of yo-yos worldwide since its inception. With the addition of new performance lines of yo-yos and spin tops, Duncan is the #1 choice of beginners and pros alike. Duncan Toys has been a division of Flambeau since 1967.

    The Duncan Toys Company is an American toy manufacturer based in , best known for its line. The company was founded in 1929 by In 1968, it became a division of .