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Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, 36-Inch by 20-Inch Bed, Black Finish


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With wagon bed 4 in its tilted unloading position and with rear stop 50 unhooked, the operator can then activate the hydraulic drive to chains 26 while slowly driving the tractor forwardly at about the same speed as chains 26 are driven rearwardly. When this is done, pusher 40 will move from its usual position at front 7 of wagon bed 4 towards rear end 5 of wagon bed 4, pushing potted plants 6 off wagon bed 4 as it goes. Because the tractor is also pulling dump wagon 2 forwardly, potted plants 6 will smoothly slide off wagon bed 4 onto the ground in the same rectangular group in which they were disposed while on dump wagon 2. The whole unloading operation takes only a few seconds. The combination of the rearward motion of pusher 40 and the forward motion of dump wagon 2 unloads wagon bed 4 very quickly and easily.

FIG. 2 shows an unloading operation as the unloading operation is nearing an end. Note rear stop 50 gets pushed off wagon bed 4 first and will then simply lie on the ground. Potted plants 6 will slide off in their various longitudinal and transverse rows until all such plants 6 are lying upright in a rectangular group on the ground. The operator can keep pusher 40 moving until all plants 6 are off at which point he can manually stop pusher 40. If the operator neglects to manually stop pusher 40, pusher 40 will automatically disengage chains 26 when lugs 44 on pusher 40 reach sprockets 32 at rear end 5 of dump wagon 2. In either case, whether the operator stops pusher 40 or pusher 40 disengages itself, once the unloading is completed, the operator can then pick pusher 40 up and manually carry pusher 40 back to front end 7 of dump wagon 2 to reset pusher 40 for the next loading and unloading cycle.

Get email updates for dump wagon

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Thanks Larry! Yes it pulls very well. The hitch and front end is nice and tight. Once the old tires go bad I will replace them with implement tires, but other than that, I am pretty pleased with it so far. I plan to use it for unloading split wood and other things.

Yay! You're now following dump wagon in your .

To unload potted plants 6 from dump wagon 2, the operator tilts dump wagon 2 to its tilted unloading position by extending the ram of hydraulic cylinder 16 using controls and fluid pressure provided on the tractor. The tilting proceeds until the tapered lower face 14 of rear end 5 of wagon bed 4 lies generally flat against the ground. The operator then unhooks rear stop 50 by unhooking bungee cords 52 from side rails 18. However, rear stop 50 is preferably left in place on wagon bed 4 against the group of potted plants 6 after it is unhooked.

After dump wagon 2 has been loaded, it can then be moved while still in its horizontal transport position to a desired location where plants 6 are to be unloaded onto the ground. This is done by pulling dump wagon 2 behind a tractor or the like or by driving dump wagon 2 to such location if dump wagon 2 is part of a self-propelled vehicle. When the desired drop off location is reached, the operator can then easily and quickly unload potted plants 6.