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DISNEY CARS DIECAST COLLECTION AND SONG DISNEYCARTOYS: Hi DisneyCarToys fans, here is a video displaying my son's diecast toy collection from Disney Pixar's Cars, Cars 2 and Mater's Tall Tales. My husband, ToysReviewToys channel, wrote the lyrics and the music to the song in this video. The song is about my son's day to day adventures playing with his Cars die cast toys, especially Lightning McQueen and Mater.

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Disney CARS Lightning McQueen & MATER Color Changers Car Toys Hot Wheels Stunt N Dunk Track

Watch our other "DISNEYCARTOYS" Song about Color Changers Cars "Cars Collection Song" by "Disney Car Toys". Both Disney Cars Toys songs were written by my husband, the owner of the ToysReviewToys channel:

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen and Mater Color Changers with Hot Wheels Shark:

Disney Cars Toys COLLECTION Mater Lightning McQueen Color Changers Cars Red Fire Truck

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Disney Cars mother load collection that I got today. I love these Disney Pixar diecast cars and plastic cars! This Disney Cars collection includes 50 cars! My favorites are of course Lightning McQueen, he is the fastest. There are many Mack Haulers in the back. I also got three of the same Francesco Bernoulli cars. This is a great find! This video was made by the "DisneyCarToys" channel.

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Disney Cars Wallpaper Free: Disney Cars Collection

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    Here we have my sons Disney Cars collection. He is selling to earn some money for Florida :-) Hi there,  Happy Bidding.  All that you can see in the photos is included.
  • die-cast models of Disney Cars Collection List want fast electronics

    Disney Car Toys presents Disney Cars diecast collection. Here is my entire collection of Disney Pixar Cars toys. There are over 400 cars in this complete collection. My collection includes die cast Disney Pixar Cars from several series. The cars shown in this video are scale diecast cars and scale diecast cars. I left out a few play sets just because I did not have enough room to film them all, and some are boxed away. There are 16 Disney color changers cars. This video was made by the "DisneyCarToys" channel.

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