Tim Holtz Crazy Birds make me crazy too...Art Journal and a skinny

Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Bird Crazy Stamp Set, 7 x 8.5"

Too low to display

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Note: Placement of this game is important. Indoors is best if you don't want to worry about wind knocking down the set. Also, make sure the game is close to a wall or barrier so your volunteers are not running around the carnival to pick up the "crazy birds" that missed their mark!

Children are given 4 chances to toss the inflatable balls "crazy birds" and knock ALL of the animals down to touch the table. If the animals are still on the blocks - but NOT touching the table, they do not count as being knocked down.

If the carnival player knocks down 0 or 1 animal - they receive a consultation prize.
If they knock down 2 - 3 animals off the blocks, they receive a medium prize.
If they knock down all 4 animals to the table, they receive a top prize.

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OMG…. love that shirt!! You’ve got to make some to sell! I love all the crazy birds… so stinkin’ cute!! If I had to choose just 1… that ‘fat’ one – the one colored yellow on the shirt – is adorable and just makes me smile!

This is a great project for anyone because it’s hard to go wrong! Please feel free to share with your friends, in your child’s classroom, etc. And send me some Crazy Birds!