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I am an art teacher who was also seeking a way to recycle markers. I just discovered that the company Terracycle has several programs, including a writing instrument recycling program that appears to accept crayola markers. Here is the site…

The bright colors of Crayola Washable Markers add pop to kids' creations. All the colors are nontoxic and the flip-top box and tiered sleeves offer easy access to markers.

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Although Crayola’s PR people won’t say it (they don’t want you to disassemble their markers, remember?), if you look up the materials specifications of Crayola markers (read page 5, under the marker specifications, in this ), you’ll see that the plastic barrels of Crayola markers are also made of polypropylene, a #5 recyclable plastic.

However, you CAN recycle most of a Crayola marker. It’s messy work, and it’s time-consuming, but it’s also a great lesson for kids (and for us!) about the obligations of responsible consumerism. Here’s how to do it: