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Crayola Box of Crayons Non-Toxic Color Coloring School Supplies, 24 Count, 3 Pack (52-0024-3)

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The infographic below shows all the Crayola Crayon colors throughout the years starting with the oldest fanning out to the newest. The names of the colors are almost as famous as the Crayola brand itself. The list below shows all of the interesting and unique names given to the crayons.

Crayola Crayons provide color-loving kids with 24 hues to amp up school projects and artistic endeavors with vibrant, high-quality results and long-lasting color. This pack contains a variety of bright colors to inspire imaginative expression.

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In 2000, Crayola held the "Crayola Color Census 2000" promotion in which Americans were asked to vote for their favorite Crayola crayon color. Celebrity entrants chose "Blue Bell", chose "Wild Strawberry", and chose "Red". Overall, "Blue" came in first, with "Cerulean" second and "Purple Heart" third.

Crayola crayon packs come in multiples of eight: 8, 16, 24, 32, (40), 48, (56), 64, 72, 80, (88), 96, (104), (112), and 120 packs. The 120 pack is sometimes a package composed of two 48 pack containers and a 16 pack container. The most important Crayola crayon colors are the ones that come in the smaller packs since these are most prevalent.