Which he got, in the form of super speed. Cobra Commander wins.

G.I. JOE Hasbro 25th Anniversary 3 3/4" Wave 4 Action Figure Cobra Commander [Helmet]

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Perfect Cobra Commander, perfect action figure: grazie Hasbro.

The Baroness and Major Bludd recruited Billy to carry out Cobra Commander's assassination, but he was intercepted by Destro before he could accomplish his task. Cobra Commander had become such a rabid megalomaniac by this point that he had no qualms about torturing his own son, yet Billy refused to surrender any information identifying who had sponsored the hit. Such tenacity impressed Storm Shadow, so he freed Billy and they both escaped to New York, where Storm Shadow trained him in ninjitsu. Billy was later caught in the crossfire between the Soft Master and Cobra agent Scrap-Iron, when the car he was driving in exploded.

Details are slim at the moment, but word out of Botcon is that the Transformers Collectors Club has announced a new Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover set, including Cobra Commander in a black uniform, Dr. Biggles Jones, and NINJA FORCE EFFING SCARLETT. Ratbat and a G2 deco Megatron are also in the set!

Cobra Commander helpfully pointed viewers to Kre-O's website.

Cobra Command
Logo of Cobra
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Devil's Due Publishing
IDW Publishing
First appearance G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Created by Larry Hama
In-story information
Type of organization Terrorist military group
Base(s) See Bases
Leader(s) Commander: Cobra Commander
Emperor: Serpentor
Weapons supplier: Destro
Director of intelligence: Baroness
Chief of science: Doctor Mindbender
Agent(s) Crimson Guard co-leaders: Tomax
Crimson Guard co-leaders: Xamot
Ninja bodyguard: Storm Shadow
Primary field commander: Major Bludd
Anti-armor specialist: Scrap-Iron
Dreadnoks leader: Zartan
Dreadnoks 2nd in command: Zarana
Dreadnoks 3rd in command: Zandar

Cobra CommanderMIC Number:0788-CC

Cobra Commander ordered the creation of a new genetic lifeform - a super soldier who combined DNA from many of history's greatest warriors. The new being called was created just as the G.I. Joe Team attacked Springfield. However Serpentor proved more than just a warrior but also a charismatic leader and skilful politician whose charisma in battle won him a strong following amongst Cobra troops.

Irked at the Joes' interference, Cobra Commander initiated a plan to let a sophisticated battle robot be captured by the Joes. The robot was meant to be transported to the Joes' headquarters, the Pit, where it will activate by itself, attempt to escape and beam the Pit's location. The Joes caught wind of the plan and it failed. Hoping to get a piece of G.I. Joe technology, the Commander initiates a plan to capture the MOBAT during an Armed Forces Day parade. Even without ammo, the Joes proved resourceful enough and his command post was exposed. General Flagg almost had him but he was able to use a hostage and make good his escape. He also proved his ability to manipulate those not directly under his control as he let the Joes and the Oktober Guard fight over a spy plane and then had them surrounded and take the prize away. Despite, his flair for a theatrical appearance, he is not a fool to deliberately put himself in danger as the G.I. Joe member named Clutch took hostage a robotic doppelganger instead.