Some popular reasons to use the childproofing checklist include:

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Born Ready is an innovative childproofing mobile application that provides in-depth safety information to new and expecting parents. The app’s hallmark feature, an interactive childproofing checklist, gives parents the ability to navigate the home and check-off childproofing tasks as they are completed. In addition, Born Ready provides a way for parents to purchase specific childproofing products.

2. When childproofing a home, make sure to add locks and guards on windows. A child can squeeze through a window that is open only four inches wide. Locks prevent windows from being opened unintentionally, and guards block children from accessing windows that are left open. Smarter childproofing with a childproofing checklist also involves the addition of a stopper on the track of the window, to prevent it from being opened too wide.

Childproofing checklists by age.

Childproofing your home may seem like a chore, but it sure beats sitting in the emergency room with an injured child, both in monetary terms and emotional hastle. It will cost about a few hundred dollars and maybe a weekend’s work to childproof your home, or around $1000 to $1200 to have a professional childproofer do it for you. The childproofing checklist below will help you eliminate the common hazards in the home.

General Childproofing Tips

Childproofing checklist: Toddlers and beyond

If you’re expecting a baby, or already have a toddler, this home childproofing checklist will ensure you’re providing your child with the safest environment possible.

This is why it is vital to prepare and implement a childproofing checklist. The best advice for parents is to make sure that all items on the following are completed before an infant is brought into the home.