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Carrissa Jones is a solo singer/songwriter out of Phoenix, Arizona

Carrissa Brough's mother describes her as a happy, kind-hearted girl. She loves arts and crafts, music and her family and friends. And her room is decorated with elephants.

Most of all, Carrissa is brave. She was at on Friday, undergoing her 93rd surgery, intended to treat complications caused by her spina bifida. Her mother, Nancy Quarles, said Carrissa's prognosis is not favorable, and she will soon return to hospice care through a child- and family-centered program at the hospital.

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Carrissa - Name Meaning, What does Carrissa mean?

Carrissa was a ninety year old woman. Surrounded by white walls and hollow sounds, she found relief in her imagination to keep her company. She often imagined things that she'd always wanted to do, but never had the chance, such as swim with dolphins. At this age, there was no point in searching for new direction. No motivation, but also no stress.

In her mind, life was more vivid than any other experience she had. That is, until her great granddaughter asked her to go skydiving! That was an offer Carrissa couldn't pass up. Something to look forward to, with nothing to lose, why was there still something holding her back? Maybe it was because she had always wanted to skydive with her great grandma had never got the chance. However, she knew she couldn't leave her great granddaughter Charlie with the same regret. They booked the trip! Then, things took am unfortunate turn. Charlie turned out to be a witch who wanted to be a death eater. Her plan was to kill her grandma in order to gain Voldemort's respect.

Not knowing that witches existed AT ALL, Carrissa was clueless, ignorant, and fell for Charlie's plan, dead.

When Charlie asked for Voldemort to make her a death eater, he said only if she could endure the pain of the cruciatus curse. But all Voldemort really wanted was a friend... Charlie was in the middle of begging Voldemort not to curse her, when he broke down crying!

Charlie was not amused. She was convinced it was a trap... Or a test... How should she react? She thought back to her life guiding quote; what would Slytherin do?

Charlie continued with a calm demeanor, and waited for some sort of sensible reaction from Voldemort. But no such thing occurred.

Voldemort, desperate for affection, grew angry, drew his wand, and turned Charlie into an innocent puppy.

"Scout?" Voldemort asked tearfully. Scout was the puppy his mom had killed and cooked when there were low on money. Charlie retained her memory and was in a panic! There was nothing she could do but remain loyal and hope that he would eventually turn her back. But Voldemort had much grander plans. Now that he finally had his pal back, there was no emotional nonsense left inside him to prevent him from taking over the world!

Taking over the world in a new way. He was inspired! One by one, he converted each of his friends into loyal pets: horses, guinea pigs, fish, anything that comforted him and served him.

"Rowling!"J.K. Rowling's editor screamed. "What in God's name is this garbage!? You expect people to read this? The franchise is over! Stop trying to make it happen again!"

Helping Carrissa deal with difficult surgeries are the country songs of , a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter. Underwood is pretty much the only artist Carrissa listens to, her mother said. Carrissa particularly enjoys the song "."