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In 1984, AGC introduced a spin-off line, the Care Bear Cousins; another syndicated special, , came out that same year. A based on the toys was distributed by .:52 A year later, the Bears and Cousins starred in their first film, , produced by Limited and released by . It became the highest-grossing animated film made outside the market at the time of its release. Later that autumn, released an 11-episode television series in syndication.

In mid-2011, American Greetings announced a revival TV animated series titled . The premiere of the series utilizes "30 years of caring". It premiered on on June 2, 2012. Though Welcome to Care-a-Lot lasted one season, a continuation of the series, "Care Bears and Cousins," was commissioned by and premiered November 6, 2015. The cast of characters and animation style of Welcome to Care-a-Lot remains for Care Bears and Cousins. Toy company Just Play debuted a range of Care Bears toys (plush, figures & blind bag collectibles) based on the Welcome to Care-a-Lot characters and style guide in Spring 2015. Just Play will continue their range of product for Care Bears and Cousins in 2016.

Cozy Heart Care Bear Cousin is a purple penguin!

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Each Care Bear comes in a different color and has a specialized insignia on its belly that represents its duty and personality. This insignia was known as their "tummy symbol". However, the movie renamed them "belly badges". Adding to the Care Bear family are the "Care Bear Cousins", which feature a lion, rabbit, penguin, raccoon, monkey, elephant, pig, dog, cat, and other such animals created in the same style as the teddy bears.[]

In 1986, Nelvana returned to the franchise with a second movie, Released by , the film featured a new villain, Dark Heart, and introduced more of the Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins: Harmony Bear, True Heart Bear, and Noble Heart Horse.