Best in Show Solitaire - An Addictive Dog Card Game

Cards Against Humanity


Go Fish is a card game of chance and skill for two or more players.

-- Some of the other reviewers seemed upset because, apparently, the AI avatars and voices in this version are inferior to previous installments (or something). I dunno...I had an older version of Hoyle's card games on my old computer several years ago, and I personally don't remember the AI's "personality" being anything even remotely memorable. I honestly don't give a rat's behind about any of that. I just want to play crib, and this game lets me do it. I guess it's important to some other players, but it wasn't an issue for me.

If you like to have a no brainer timesuck card game sim in your library, this is the one, though i caution you to mind what you pay for it. Certainly not worth 20 bucks.

So here is our Top 10 Must-Have Family Card Games

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The Ticket to Ride Card Game delivers all of the excitement, fun and nail-biting tension of the original Ticket to Ride board game, but with several unique game-play twists in a new stand-alone, card game format.Rules

This unique version of Solitaire will get you hooked with its rich features, visual style, colors and card layouts. You can customize it with backgrounds, deck positions and card backs so that you play the game your way. There are 2 card games and 38 achievements to unlock with in-game stats to help track your progress.