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Marvel Avengers Captain America Flying Shield


Captain America Shield from used satellite dish

Most frightening, the PIRG found that lead and other toxins were present in several children’s products. In addition to the Captain America Shield, Rings from Dollar General were also found to contain dangerous levels of lead. The Ninja Turtles Pencil Case tested positive for dangerous levels of banned metals phthalate and cadmium, which are both toxic.

The Captain America Soft Shield tops the list of products to avoid during the holiday season. The US Public Interest Research Group determined the shields contain dangerous amounts of lead. The researchers found 2,900 parts per million, which is 29 times the legal standard for lead.

Intro: Captain America Shield from used satellite dish

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Marvel Captain America Shield is 30" in diameter and weighs 12 pounds. This is a magnificent hand hammered full steel construction, hand painted and accurately sized to original blueprint specifications. Shield includes a full size Army crate wood display plaque and hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Shield can be removed from plaque and has the proper genuine leather hand holds bolted to the back. Only 750 shields produced.

One of this year’s biggest concerns is the Captain America shield. If a child gets lead in their mouth it can lead to problems with the central nervous system and brain development.