Candy corn Halloween costume with bag.

Preteen Candy Corn Witch Halloween Costume (Large)

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The humor is also something that makes me think this game is perfect for adults and kids alike. It’s got that perfect angle that makes kids and adults laugh, with some jokes going over little ones’ heads, and enough non-annoying slapstick comedy to make them laugh too. And if you’re wondering what the deal is with the candy corn costume, I’ll fill you in. In battle, candy corn does absolutely nothing. It sits there and looks delicious, so more often than not, the minions will attack it and not your actual fighters. Some of the most hilarious one-liners come from using candy corn in battle.

I love this game, and recommend it to everyone. I really can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t like this game, unless you don’t enjoy laughing and playing video games. Double Fine created a perfectly balanced, colorful game about Halloween that will make players of many ages laugh and enjoy themselves. So go ahead, put on your candy corn costume and hop into the mind of Tim Schafer in yet another impressive Double Fine game called Costume Quest 2.

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Candy corn costume

A candy corn witch costume.
Name: Candy Corn Costume
Difficulty level: Easy
Common? Probably
Male or Female? Female

Little Girls Candy Corn Charmer Costume- Party City

For some added cuteness to this candy corn costume, make a candy corn treat basket. Use a felt bag from Target’s dollar section and gently peel off whatever felt design comes on the bag. Then cut out a small candy corn and glue it on the bag. Easy and adorable!

I love making costumes with felt! This candy corn costume was so quick and easy to make, and it looks so cute. I was so excited to share it with you, that I just snapped a photo of my two year-old wearing it over his jammies. He's a huge fan of candy corn, and wanted to dress as one for his Halloween costume from the beginning. Candy corn is an adorable costume: it's instantly recognizable and of course, it's easy! It's also comfortable and easy to move around in, and you can remove it in a jiffy if necessary (perfect for a school or work costume!)