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I hate the show for these exact reasons and any parent that comments along the lines of oh you need to engage with your kids and spend time with them. Obviously they don’t structure their kids, my children have a routine and they know that routine. They know when quiet time is they know when TV time is. My children (8,5 and 3) are always getting complimented on use of manners and how independent they are. I’m no parent of the year but when I see people using stupid hashtags and such to knock other parents I start to think I should at least be nominated if not the clear cut winner. #parentsagainststupidparentsthatcomplainaboutotherparentsshouldbeknownascalliou

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said, Thea. I have no problems with the show. I even have a large book of Calliou stories that I read to my 3 year old at bedtime.

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  • Tiffany March 16, 2015 / 4:34 pm

    As a Canadian, I sincerely apologize for Calliou (and the biebs for that matter) Calliou is BEYOND annoying, Sadly, my (now 5 yr old) could probably pass as a HUMAN Calliou. Tantrums like no other. (He is a red head though!)

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    Perfectly said Ben. You said that perfect. My children both whined before ever watching this show. I also wanted to add to your perfect statement that I don’t feel the parents “helicopter parent” at all. They are compassionate parents that empathize with there children. They use redirection effectively, help Calliou solve problem and spend quality time with me. They do have boundaries and take time fir themselves and express there needs to Calliou in an appropriate manner. My kids both like this show

    And while I don’t necessarily understand why calliou’s character is drawn bald, I certainly have no problem with it. My little one asked me once why he didn’t have any hair and my answer was simply that all kids and grown ups look different from each other, speak differently, and enjoy different things, and that’s just part of what makes us each special and unique. End of story. His baldness has never come up again.