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Questioners and listeners at the Mullen meeting were clearly worked up by the R Project and especially an Aug. 22 court ruling against the Welches. The bend in the “R” would start and run across the southern spread of the Thomas County portion of the couple’s Brush Creek Ranch operation.

Over the years, we have stayed in several different inns stretching from Essex to East Haddam, and we have discovered it’s best to stay close by the opera house if you take in an evening performance because you are just minutes from a comfortable bed. Our favorite is the Bishopsgate, where books fill shelves, end tables and chairs in sitting rooms and bedrooms alike. Beg owners and her daughter-in-law Lisa for the Director’s Suite on the second floor with its own outside staircase (the indoor stairs are bookmarked between high walls and are a bit vertiginous for anyone lugging even a small suitcase). There’s a narrow private deck off the bedroom to sit, sip or snooze. The king-size bed is so plush you’ll sleep longer than you intended. With good amenities and a breakfast of strong coffee and poached eggs over toasted muffins alongside cut-up fruit, you’re fortified for the full day ahead.

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Investigators provided a list of weapons that were seized from Garguilo. The stockpile included an unspecified number of rounds of 5.56 ammunition, one plastic ammunition can of 5.56 ammunition designed to be fired by the R-15 rifle, 4 magazines containing 9mm rounds of ammunition and at least 30 rounds of loose 9 mm ammunition, AR-15 parts that could be used to assemble an AR-15 rifle, aluminium powder, ammonium nitrate, and iron oxide–all items can be used to create explosives and incendiaries, and a handwritten notes threatening violence against members of the Islamic religion

Before you scoot across the river to Chester, detour to Staehly Farm, a local watering hole for plump blueberries and strawberries and hard-to-find tiny fairy tale eggplants that steam up fast, ready for their Asian ginger and garlic dressing. We always stop by the R.J. Vickers Herbery, where owner helps steer us to the best lavender for that bare spot in our herb patch.