Bruder MAN Fire Engine (with working hose)

Bruder MAN Fire Engine


Bruder Scania Fire Engine with Water Pump and Light and Sound

Bruder MAN Fire Engine with lights and sound and red toy fire helmet. Just like the real thing, this fire engine allows your child to fight the biggest fires with its extendable ladder and light and sound function.

The Bruder Mack Granite fire truck shoots real water and features a 3-stage telescoping ladder that extends to over 4 feet tall and swivels 360º! The Bruder Fire engine even has realistic battery operated lights and sounds! Stabilizer legs and a counterweight can be filled with sand to maintain the crane's stability. Realistic driver's cabin features doors that open, a tilting engine hood that displays engine block, folding mirrors and chrome accessories. Bruder toys are tough German-made toys that provides years of heavy-duty play time.

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    Bruder is internationally-recognized for producing high-quality toys with accurate detailing. The Bruder Fire Engine is no exception. Its realistic functions encourage imaginative play and build problem solving skills. When leading a play rescue effort, simply use the easy-to-turn knob to extend the truck’s crane ladder. Moving a heavy load or reaching the tallest building rooftop? Snap on the four stabilizing legs. Legs store neatly in the back of the vehicle when finished. The telescopic crane swivels 360° and comes complete with a rescue basket that can also be extended and adjusted. Features include a built-in water tank that can be filled and a water hose with real working spray nozzle. Hose can be wound onto the include reel for easy storage.

    Kids fire engine and police rescue trucks video. Unboxing and playing with toy Bruder Mack fire engine for children and toy police truck and police helicopter. Good friends image and play with fun new Small World and Bruder toy trucks.