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Nintendo 3" Bowser Solid Pack


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After 's toy company was yet again successful, this allowed him to create new toys. There was a sell-out at the Mushroom Kingdom in a new theme park called Mini World, the successor to Mini Land. As oppose to selling free Pauline toys to the first 100 customers, Mario is selling free 1000 units of his new toys to the first 1000 customers. shows up luckily as the last customer. shows up and kidnaps both and and steals DK's banana hoard. He then heads up to the HQ and starts creating toys based on his minions. He takes over and renames the company to "Bowser Toys Inc.". After Mario and Donkey Kong realize they both are aiming to defeat Bowser, they decide to unite.

This Super Mario Bowser plush toy is an official, ..

Language Name Meaning
French Joujoux Bowser Bowser Toys
Italian Giocheria Bowser
Negozio di Giochi di Bowser (by Koopa Kid)
Bowser Toy Shop

Super Mario Brothers Bowser Plush 10 - Sears

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Bowser Toys Inc. is a game in the series. one of the numerous sub-series. There are new toys modeled after characters.