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Whether you want to doodle on the ground as you ride your bike, find your way home after a long drunken bike ride, or want to keep track of where your child is at the moment, the Chalk Trail Bike Attachment will do the trick. The Chalktrail is an attachment you can put on any bike with tire sizes between 12" and 29" that will trail along a piece of chalk behind you and will last for up to 15 miles of chalk lines.

6) Be prepared! Check the weather. Examine your bike and attachments. Make sure your helmets are still safe (see above). Practice getting on and off the bike quickly. Know what to do when you encounter unleashed dogs like putting the bike between you and the dog.

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  • Two bike attachments can be added to the Crossbars
  • How to Modify "The Springer" Dog Bike Attachment Installation

    The Bike Tow Leash (or BTL) dog bicycle attachment was invented by entrepreneur Mike Leon, who is well versed in both dog behavior and engineering. The bike dog leash was born of necessity, as Mike wanted to a better way to exercise the guide dogs that he raises. The Bike Tow Leash is superior to any dog bike attachment available because it allows the dog to propel the bicycle (if you wish) and avoid obstacles. It is also easy to install and extremely stable. Even if your dog stops to potty suddenly, you will not be knocked over!

    Invented at MIT in 2013, the Copenhagen Wheel is a bike attachment making biking more accessible and powerful to riders who hope to help the environment. PHOTO COURTESY SUPERPEDESTRAIN