How Big Were Dinosaurs? by Lita Judge (published 2013)

Large Soft Touch Brachiosaurus. 15"


Big Dinosaurs - Orchard Toys Ltd

I've mentioned a few times that Monkey loves Dinosaurs. We watch dinosaurs on CBeebies, we've been to two Natural History Museums in search of dinosaur bones, we are always reading about them and playing with them! There was only one area of play missing - a jigsaw puzzle. Well that has now been sorted too - let me introduce you to the new Talkabout Flour Puzzle from Orchard Toys - Big Dinosaurs.

Big Dinosaurs is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and is a 50 piece floor puzzle, a great addition to the Orchard Toys Talkabout Floor puzzle range.

Mary Procter says: Big Dinosaurs - a review for Orchard Toys

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Dinosaur World Blog: BIG DINOSAURS!

stored vital minerals in bones under their skin (osteoderms) to help them survive, a study has found. These 'skin bones' helped some of the biggest dinosaurs survive in lean times and bear their young, say North American scientists.

Challenge students to create a counting book titled Dinos 1 to 10! Divide the ten pages of the book among the members of the group. Assign each student the numbers they will create pages for. Suggest that they use the dinosaurs in Big Dinosaurs! as models for their drawings. Collect the pages and put them together into a class dinosaur counting book.