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Beds have side rails that can be raised or lowered. These rails, which serve as protection for the patient and sometimes can make the patient feel more secure, can also include the buttons used for their operation by staff and patients to move the bed, call the nurse, or even control the television.

Loading your pickup bed from the side, either by convenience or out of necessity, may be uneventful…until that cargo slips and comes crashing down onto the top of the bed side. Now you’re faced with hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in paint and body work. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can prevent this kind of damage and gain style and functionality at the same time, with a set of truck bed side rails.

Drive Medical Full Length Hospital Bed Side Rails (15001ABV)

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Bed Side Rails - Saville Standard 1377-CHROME

Nothing can make a nice pickup look like an old beater work truck faster than bed sides that are scratched up and dented. Our truck bed side rails are relatively inexpensive compared with labor and materials cost at a body shop, and most take only a few minutes to install, so for a little time and not a lot of money, your truck is protected. But along with protection, you also gain tie down points from which to secure cargo, and an appearance upgrade.

We offer both universal and application specific bed side rails. Universal rails require some drilling, while rails designed for the vehicle usually install in the stake pockets with captive fasteners, and no modifications to your truck are required. Most of our side rails are oval or round tubes, and available in your choice of chrome plated steel, black powder coated steel, or polished stainless steel. Some bed side rails are available in lengths to accommodate cross bed tool boxes, and you can get rails with LED lights mounted in the end that can be set up to operate with brake lights, running lights, and turn signals.