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Balto / Balto II: Wolf Quest Double Feature DVD

The whole Balto fan community agrees on the fact that there is a great need for a new Balto DVD. It hasn't been difficult for us to list many reasons for this :

- Customers will be more interested in buying the sequels if they own the first Balto. So, releasing the first Balto on DVD will boost the sequels sales, too.

Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron DVD

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I'm sure the first thing many of you are wondering is why I would spend time on a non-American DVD. Right? Right. As many of you know, there are a number of features on the American DVD that simply don't work. The most notable of them all is the Documentary. Which is why I'm spending time on a Brazilian Balto DVD. In addition to having nicer cover artwork, and a working Documentary it also has another wonderful feature. Multiple regions. That means you don't have go out of your way to change your DVD Rom's firmware or buy a DVD capable of playing more than one region. Just buy the DVD on-line, wait for it in the mail, and watch the documentary that was denied to North Americans. If you would like to purchase this DVD on-line try or . Thanks to Echo Husky and Etherlair for the links!