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So where did it all start? Many theories exists behind the baby on board signs. One of the most popular involves a car crash where a child is flung out of the car and buried in a bush / grass / somewhere well hidden, the driver is dead / unconscious and the only way the rescue services knew to look for the child was because of the "baby on board" sign stuck in the window.

Baby on board signs originated back in 1984 where the first sign was created by a father and son who on a recent trip to Europe had noticed that drivers in Germany were hanging signs from their car to warn other road users to be careful behind the wheel, the original signs were based on the ever so popular yellow and black American road sign.

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Personalised car signs have taken a leap forward in recent years, from the classic yellow and black baby on board sign, we can now offer a fully customisable service. You can specify exactly what you want in your signs, the colours, the text, include pictures or photo's. Personalised baby on board signs are very popular again, with cheeky monkey and little princess being two of the most common styles.

Personalised baby on board car signs. A great novelty gift to personalise your car. Hang your logo in their window. Great promotional item to promote your business and show support for causes or events. Fully custom made available, we can print your own design/logo on the sign, custom color, size and shaped available.