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My 4-month-old has some kind of rash on her neck

Cold water baths:
Baby neck rash may relieve by a cold water bath as cool water calms the irritated skin. Young children and babies may benefit from a cool water sponge bath. Make sure infants and small are never left unattended while bathing.

Neck rashes are inevitable until the babies start sitting up on their own. A rash can appear as spots, bumps, dryness and red, bumpy areas and many times the rash may be itchy. To heal the rash, scratching must be avoided. Generally by applying topical anti-rash creams, moisturizers or ointments, the neck rashes are treated. It is best to visit a pediatrician for the appropriate baby neck rash treatment option when the baby neck rashes are a persistent feature or worsens and appears to break and ooze blood.

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  • Baby rash on neck (Causes and Treatments)
    • Baby Neck Rash Treatment and Causes
      • 1. Fungal Infection in Babies
      • Treatment 
      • 2. Extreme Dry Heat
      • Treatment
      • 3. Skin Irritation in Babies
      • Treatment
      • 4. Allergic Reaction in Babies
      • Treatment
      • 5. Bacterial Infection in Babies
      • Treatment
    • Conclusion 

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my daughter is 7 months n gets rashes under er neck so i used baby neck rash cream bt nt work! hope dis baby neck rash treatment helps! :cry: :(

Rashes on a baby's neck can be very disconcerting for new parents. How did your baby's neck get a rash? You've bathed her carefully, dressed her in soft outfits, and kept her away from anyone who was sick. Should you be worried about that red patch on her neck? Skin rashes are common on young babies. They can get little white bumps that look like pimples, a rash that looks like hives, or yellow skin from jaundice. In most cases, these things are normal and get better on their own. The same is true of most baby neck skin rashes.