Auldey RC Stalker 3 Channel Gyro Helicopter

Hogi - Auldey Super Wings Transforming planes series animation Ship from Korea

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Auldey Sky Rover Tracker Helicopter Auto Pilot System

AODA and Auldey are supposedly in direct competition, as both are bootleg companies. Both have their own bootleg yo-yo model of the , as well as the , , , and .

Auldey and AODA are both yo-yo manufacturing companies. Almost all of their yo-yo models are direct bootlegs from other yoyo companies, such as , , ,and . Images are available at:

Voice Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Toy Kids Helicopter Black

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Auldey Sky Rover Tracker Helicopter

Auldey uses these yo-yo bootleg models in their television show series called "Blazing Teens". This is a tv series about teenagers playing with yo-yos.

The Bonechip is almost identical to the bootleg version. The bootleg Auldey version logo is in the same place as where Dif-e-Yo puts it. To top it off, the blue rubber rings surrounding the caps are identical. The SPYY has the same smooth curves and bands inside the caps as the bootleg.