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Baseball for Windows is a computer simulation baseball game based on the APBA baseball board game. The game allows for the inclusion of files to represent different baseball parks as backdrops while playing the games. This webpage contains a number of park files that were created by me for my use. However, they are out here for free use. Download any or all of the parks located on these pages. Just click on the link and you're on your way to downloading a zip file of the park. Unzip the file to your BBW directory. If you're curious about the game read the .

My intent is to provide updates about newly created parks on the yahoogroup. So join that and I'll do my best to keep in touch.

The four digit code at the beginning of the name is the code that will appear in League Manager. It appears below the Micromanager (that is, of course of both are assigned) as follows:

If you look in League Manager under the Available Fields, these fields will begin with MiLB and then the four digit code. I did that so the fields will sort together.

Below is an example of how you would see the fields sorting together under Assign Fields in League Manager.

Most of the photos used for backdrops were taken by me at games I attended. However, a few friends and other generally nice people have provided me with a few photos to use.

This listing is for a card set for use with the APBA Baseballgame. You need to already own the game in order to usethese cards. If you don't already have acopy of the game just click to see a list of the complete games that I have available for purchase.

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    Chicago apba fan rob spatz had a chance to beta test the new apba online baseball game. the new game has new features which many fans have been clamoring for.. Where rolling the dice is king! wsl rollerjam florida sundogs 1999 : description: this roller rumble set contains the teams from wsl rollerjam season 1 which was. Weblog that spans all of professional baseball, however, primarily focuses on the chicago cubs and white sox..

    Hey Paul- lifelong strat player (and always will be 🙂 . pretty much everything you said in this post is true for me (the guilt,etc.) but once i started playing APBA soccer, i kind of opened up to the thought of APBA baseball. for me, the purpose would be the deadball seasons that APBA does. i don’t need the right-lefty splits,etc. i just want to play more deadball seasons. i plan on purchasing the APBA baseball game and some deadball seaasons for myself for christmas. thanks for sharing your experience.