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Clinical psychologist Dr. Sharlene Jackson supports what American Girl is doing, but stresses the importance of seeing more modern stories for African American dolls.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel holding a in your arms, while enjoying every crease, every curve, every little bit they have to love! Many of the African American baby dolls you'll find here are , meaning that they capture the charms of a real baby in so many lifelike ways. Hand-painted features, baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl skin, soft baby-fine hair and bursting with personality - these beautiful details all play a part in these precious sweethearts being so lovable.

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If you could tell all the parents one thing about dolls what would it be?
Parents should let their child be a child. Let them choose the toy based on how they relate to the toy. My parents allowed me to play with stuffed animals, African American baby dolls, and Caucasian Barbie dolls. I sometimes wonder if they didn’t allow me to play with dolls that didn’t look like me, would I be the designer I am today.

If you're looking for unique African American dolls to add to your collection, look no further than The Bradford Exchange Online! We offer a stunning selection of collectible , each meticulously handcrafted in breathtaking detail. From to fantasy dolls, and even , you're sure to find the doll that warms your heart and lets your imagination take flight!