"A Day at the Park" by Beth Vincent

A Day in the Park (First Little Golden Books)


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The festival season is still going strong in Amsterdam. Today there is and tomorrow we have . Last week we had - one of the best festivals in Amsterdam. For the seventh time, the festival “A Day at the Park” took place last weekend at the Amsterdamse Bos with 38 DJ’s and live acts. Some of the headliners were: Paul Kalkbrenner, Dimitri, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Derrick May. It was

Skating at skateparks is hands down about having fun. A Day At The Park is a portrait of the skateboard scene from over 30 skateparks in the greater Seattle area.

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Universal Studios Photos - 85_A day at the park with Barney

On Saturday the 23rd of July its time for A Day at the Park. House lovers are not allowed to miss this young successful festival in the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’. During A Day at the Park you can go lose yourself on good music in a wooded area. A Day at the Park is celebrating its fourth birthday with a terrific line up on their mainstage and on their second (smaller) stage you will enjoy live entertainment ‘From Amsterdam with Love’!

I was in disbelief, and my great day at the park with my kids had turned into disgust and anger. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time to leave. I contemplated asking for the parents’ number to let them know about their terrible babysitter, but decided against it. I wished that I hadn’t; that morning haunted me all day!