"Has Louise not heard of the 5 second rule? #GBBO" one person asked.

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"Our study showed that a surprisingly large majority of people are happy to consume dropped food, with women the most likely to do so," Hilton said. "But they are also more likely to follow the 5 second rule, which our research has shown to be much more than an old wives' tale.”

The “5 second rule” was traced back to the time Genghis Khan was alive. In 2003, Jillian Clarke of the University of Illinois tested the 5 second rule to see if it was true, but before she did the test she took a poll. 56% of men and 70% of woman would use the 5 second rule. Also, people would save their delicious sweets rather than their vegetables. To go into a scientific matter, studies show that the more dirty the surface, the more germs and bacteria get into your spilled food. And, of course, time also effects the food. Such as, if you leave the food on the floor for around a minute, it is more likely to contain more germs and bacteria than 5 seconds.

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    Everybody knows it's the 5 second rule, and Hydrick says most of her friends abide by it as well. "If they just dropped it, I think, 'How much dirt could really be on it?'" she said.

    Try it out with the quick thinking, fast talking 5 Second Rule Game. Time's not on your side, so just say whatever comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out!