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There are popular and common vehicles like motorcycle and car that commonly found in the street, but there are some vehicles that eventually made with the idea of combining the two-wheeled single tracked motorcycle and four-wheeled double tracked car to create the three-wheeled three tracked vehicle like the 3 wheel motorcycle made by Campagna. The Quebec, Canada based vehicle manufacturer was founded by Daniel Campagna who devoted his life in designing the three-wheeled cycle-car. The first prototype was introduced in early 1994; it requires 8 years for Daniel Campagna to design and personally craft the T Rex with his hand to deliver the first prototype.

If you want a go-anywhere machine but modern-day adventure bikes don’t tickle your fancy, maybe a military 3 wheel motorcycle is the way to go. Just don’t expect to find one on your local Craigslist.

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Rex Motorcycle – 3 Wheel Motorcycle

The client was General Ferruccio Garbari, who became fed up of the traditional mules used by his mountain troops. Moto Guzzi gave the project to one of its most talented engineers, Giulio Carcano, and in March 1960 a prototype of the 3 wheel motorcycle was ready.

A little history: this Guzzi wasn’t the first 3 wheel motorcycle used by the Italian army. They used trikes during the Interwar years, usually hybrids—the front part of a production motorcycle, and a custom rear part, with a cargo body on two wheels. But this ‘mechanical mule’ was the first truly ground-up design.