The 3 tiers are Data, Application, and Presentation.

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3 Tier Elephant Baby shower cake

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This 3 tiered, wooden stand from Home Goods is styled with faux artichokes, glass mason jars and white ceramic pieces to create a fresh, new look in anticipation for the arrival of spring. {Sponsored Pin}

3 Tier Elephant Baby shower cake

  • On your Web Application server, install an Ektron website to the site root folder (if you don’t already have one). During installation, install the Ektron database to a remote SQL Server.

    NOTE: The 8.5 and higher installation includes a startersites\3TierMin\Content folder that contains files needed for the Presentation tier.

  • Yay! You're now following 3 TIER CANDLE HOLDERS in your .

    There is no difference. Some people refer to the N Tier Architecture where 'N' can be any number. I personally have found no use for any more than 3 tiers, which is why I always call it the 3 Tier Architecture. If you try to build an application with more than three layers then be aware that it may have a serious impact on performance, as discussed in .

    We spoke to them about doing their wedding cake as part of their present and got busy looking at designs and styles. They chose a simple yet elegant design of 3 tiers sat on an off-set stand, with bouquets of roses and calla lilies sat on top and ribbon round the cake. Due to the large wedding they were having, this cake was unlikely to provide as much cake as needed for all their guests, so we talked about doing a sheet cake which would be kept out of sight and then cut up when cake was served. The plan was all set until i decided to step up the sheet cake to a shaped cake which I will blog about later this week. This part of the cake was to be a surprise.