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Amscan One Wild Boy 1st Birthday Room Decorating Kit, Large, Blue/Green


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Little Suzy’s Zoo. This was both Johnny & Gavin’s 1st birthday theme. Johnny really wants Sawyer to have it too but I’m not feeling it. Both the boys had their nurseries as LSZ too but Sawyers room isn’t. I just feel I want something new but I know Johnny would be so happy if I picked this. This set was discontinued so I would only have plates, cups, and a few other decorations, the rest would be generic.

You’ve spent so many hours, holding, cuddling and kissing that baby, no one knows your child’s delights better than you. Create a 1st birthday party theme suited just to your unique little bundle of joy. Both parents and child will have richer memories as a result!

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Chareel's Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme

Along with fun-today toys, this momentous occasion deserves a few memento style gifts. Many parents want to memorialize this 1st birthday mainly in photos, but there’s no reason to confine yourself here. Just as sweet 16 birthday parties often include coming of age gifts such as sweet 16 pendant or charm bracelet, your ‘custom’ 1st birthday party theme creates loving memories. Your baby will certainly enjoy these mementos as he or she gets older.

Here’s another example. You’ve decorated the ceiling of baby’s room with those stickers of stars and planets that glow in the dark. If baby giggles, smiles expressing delight when the lights go out, you’ve got another terrific 1st birthday party theme idea. Make your streamers out of strings of gold stars. Stick some of the glow in the dark stars on the tablecloth. So, the idea is just to think along the lines of creating some good memories.