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In discovering the greatest 1st birthday party ideas, you need to make sure about what kind of games that you would like play on the party. For baby or toddlers, you might want to try baby bottle bowling. In order to initiate this game, all you have to do is purchase five baby nipples bottles. Stack them in a single row. For the ball, you can prepare a small one, so that baby can roll it for them self. The winner of this game will be rewarded with an interesting price. Pretty nice 1st birthday party ideas isn’t it?

1st birthday party ideas is very important for most people. First, it is another milestone in a life of a baby and also the sign that you’re already become parent for a year now. That’s why you need to throw a party and celebrate it with your family and friends. Here’s some of our tips to find great 1st birthday party ideas.

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    Next, you’re also need to determine about the foods. You might want to serve some finger foods, but consultation with baby’s mother is always important. Foods can make nice decoration with it’s color. For example, cheese puffs, sereal, oats, marshmallow, and soda crackers will add some nice colors and decorations to your whole party. Not only that, you can always make sure that your guests are not bored because there are plenty of foods! This is our second recommendation on 1st birthday party ideas.

    Kate’s 1st birthday party is coming up in a few weeks and I’ve been making a list of awesome first birthday party ideas to get me in the party mood. There are seriously hundreds of 1st birthday party ideas, but I’ve narrowed it down to eight fun and creative favourite party themes.